Goals vs Wishes or: How to make more progress on your goals in the next 30 days than you did in the past year

Many of us have lists of things we would love to accomplish in life. We like to bring them up in conversations, mull them over in our heads and dream up all kinds of ways of how we might possibly achieve them. Oh… You don’t? Well, I know I do! 😆

Recently, a post by a friendly fellow human (hi there, Dimi 👋) caught my attention. Titled innocuously enough – Velleity – it ended up opening up a fountainhead of self-inquiry into the importance of identifying our goals clearly, while setting the rest aside as va… ve… (Whatchamacallit again? 🤔 For the life of me, can’t ever remember that word! Can we just call them “wishes”? 🤓)… so yes, while setting the rest aside as wishes.

How do you define a goal? It’s something you can:

  • Commit to
  • Invest time & energy into
  • Easily measure as completed


  • Learn to play one song on a piano
  • For 1 month, move your body daily for a minimum of 10,000 steps
  • Spend 1 week in the Amazon jungle

Simple enough? 🤓 Here is some homework for you then! 😆

  • Look at your calendar and book a 1-hour date with yourself (make sure to bring something yummy to enjoy!)
  • Write down all the things that you would like to accomplish between now and your departure from this wondrous earthly plane, whenever you think that might be 👼
  • Go through the list and pick 3 things that satisfy the goal requirements ☝️

Done? Stellar! Now what? 🤔

Keep the wish list for future reference, here is the most important part.

For the next 30 days:

  • Set aside 30 minutes a day
  • Take a step, no matter how small, for each of your 3 goals
  • Let me know where it gets you 😎

Oh, I can see your future self grinning, all the way from here! 😍 Now, go!

MARS: Inside SpaceX (2018)

It’s one of those things that’s a reason to live. Life cannot just be about solving one miserable problem after another. There have to be reasons… where you wake up in the morning and you look forward to being alive and you’re excited about the future.

~Elon Musk

Where were you on February 6, 2018 at 20:45 UTC? What? You don’t remember? 😜 I know I was glued to my laptop, barely containing excitement and trepidation, tuning into a live broadcast and watching the history unfold before my very eyes — the spectacular launch of Falcon Heavy 🚗👨‍🚀😍

In ‘S2 Inside SpaceX’ — the intro episode of Season 2 of the MARS Series — National Geographic takes us on a backstage tour of what went into the launch and captures the fascinating energy of that day. If you happen to be in the US, you can watch it from the official link ☝️ Or catch it on YouTube, while you can, as it’s likely to disappear soon 🤓

P.S. It is especially heartwarming to see Elon including his boys in his day-to-day work and explorations 💕

happy birthday

it is on this day of apr 1st, with a little poem, and with a wink to e e cummings 😉, that we give birth to this new energy and our brave new hero:

this is the birth day of i
for how can you call it life
what i have lived before?

stark dark spark ember glow
flow of love coiling swirling
from the root of existence

lighting fires in the belly of bellies
twisting up the backbone pouring
filling the heart of hearts

piercing skin bursting bone
the eye can see now (i can see!)
forever expanding ascending…

welcome to this crazy world, sky blu 💕